Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to get this template?

Follow the instructions carefully.
1.First save all of your current blog's side bar elements such as any links,lists,etc in an editor(eg:notepad).
2.Then click Layout.
3.Next Click Edit HTML.
4.Select all the HTML and delete.
5.Then click Sleeping Beauty Fixed 2-column blogger Template
6. Copy all the HTML codes except the blue text found at the bottom.
7.Paste these HTML codes in your blog in the place where you deleted your previous HTML.
8.Then Click Preview to see how your blog is now looking good with this new template.
9.If feels good,click Save Template at the bottom.

hint: After this,if you wish to change the blog's font and color,you can change by clicking Fonts and Colors and customize the blog's look according to your taste.


  1. I am trying it out, not sure I'll keep but think I will for now. Thanks :)
    Can we make the background ALL pink? I am looking at Design Template and have page background as pink, but mine shows up white.

  2. wah, nice layout...
    terima kasih